The mapping procedure was developed by a system centered on the functions: navigation, analysis and interaction. The processing of geographic reference, actors’ identity, citations, timeframe, spatial form/attributes and materiality altogether generate those functions. The procedure of Mapping Stories was developed in Processing to capture the fundamental properties of the journey as experienced by actors through their movement along the spatial settings. Mapping Stories at the same time needs to both reveal and explain the relational structure of the complex spatial experiences.

Mapping Stories allows the viewer to read the whole story by following each point of event on the geospatial map. Interactivity creates the possibility of folding the narrative information and lets the viewer to unfold them. The geographical map becomes the background of the series of events, representing the dynamic spatial experience in urban spatial context. Each point of event on the display generates tag-cloud surrounding them, creating the atmophere of information where the relations between the story and the space contribute to the big picture of the whole stories.

diagram mapping tools-01