Mapping Stories is a systemic mapping procedure to visualize the synchronous experiences along by urban actors within urban spatial context. The series of sequential events consisting of everyday actions and experiences occurred in a continuous set of spatial settings. Mapping Stories becomes a way to unfold the richness of spatial experience, to understand how the ingredients of the stories are interrelated, and to comprehend the continuity of spatial experiences. The representation of the narrative data that incorporate a complex arrangement of spatial and experiential elements is developed within interactive way.

Mapping Urban Happiness

An interactive mapping visualization of the urban narrative of  happiness in Cikini, Jakarta.





Happiness is an important element of human well-being in urban context, and the experience of happiness is expected to happen throughout everyday experiences. We developed a mapping procedure to visualize the stories of happiness experienced in particular urban context. We argue that the stories of happiness could be generated in the form of journey, series of sequential events occurred in continues set of spatial setting. Mapping Stories allows the viewer to read the whole story by following each point of event on the geospatial map. Interactivity creates the possibility of folding the narrative information and lets the viewer to unfold them when geo-spatial maps and timeline visualize the spatial-temporal dimension of the stories.

This visualization developed in Processing with the help of following libraries:

Unfolding Maps,
G4P and
The maps are based on data from the customized Google Maps.